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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What makeup/hair style would you guys want to see???!!

Here are some of the eyeshadow tutorial's I would like to do for you guys..Please let me know which one's interest you the most. I also need help naming one of the looks. I have a few hairstyles if you want a tutorial for those ;)

*~*What Should I name this one?*~

~*~Outer Space Eyes By Hard Candy~*~

~*~Pink Moonshine Eyes-Coastal scents matte pallet~*~

~*~Pink lemonade-Coastal scents palett~*~
~*~Irish Eyes-Coastal scents matte Palett~*~
~*~Tinkerbell Inpspired Eyes-Coastal~*~

~*~Neopolitian Eyes-Ice cream inspired-Hard candy/coastal scents~*~

~*~Summer Makeup FOTD-Summer style~*~

Summer Up-do

Wavy/curly style "wet" hair Look (how i do my hair)

Please post a comment here and on my youtube video i will be uploading shortly ;) Love ya'll!


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