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Monday, October 17, 2011

How I turned my Miche shell into a Purse w/o the Base!

So, I just LOVE my big bags, Don't we all ladies? Well my Miche prima bag is just a bit too heavy for me because my shoulders are bad. I had a bad work injury back in 2010 that keeps me from wearing heavy bags. I just LOVE my Miche bags so much, I wanted to find a simple solution for me and prima bag lovers everywhere! ;) My gorgeous Hope (silver) bag which is my favorite October shell because it's dedicated to Breast cancer survivors! The bag has famous quotes from ladies learning how to endure their cancer struggles. I'm proud to wear the bag, without the ache in my shoulder blades! If you love your Miche bag as much as I do and want a quick, and easy solution to turning the shells into purses...
Watch this!
First you purchase the carabiner rings the 1.5 size! (Two) These are going to hook on the sides of your prima shells! Like so (see picture)
Then you attach your straps of choice, Miche has endless possibilities yes even for the straps of your bag! You can make a gorgeous bag sexy in just a snap with the chain straps as pictured, or try the many other styles...Rope handles, long adjustable straps, to your shell of the day!
You're done! Another effortless way to change up your Miche bag in seconds! This can be done with a single strap, like I did, or double straps, I love the always changing, go with your mood styles and options Miche bag has! So for a loyal customer and lover of the Miche experience here's just another way to sport your sexy bag!
To purchase your own Miche, Visit http://www.michebag.com/ Today!

CharmingCharmsGalore-BBW Inspired earings Etsy Review & Coupon code!

A wonderful woman named Gina, has a fabulous little etsy store with some of the most gorgeous earings I've seen in a long time! We all know the hit reality TV show series Basketball Wives right? Well the basketball wives earings are one of the new hottest trends out there right now! Anyone who knows me, knows I love BIG fabulous EARINGS! That is just what you're going to see here! I was sent for review these two gorgeous pairs of Basketball Wives INSPIRED earings. When I look at these I think one thing "EXPENSIVE", the quality of these earings is amazing! Check them out!

The dazzling gold hoop and rondell rhinestones give it that classy look, while the magenta ball gives them a splash of color! We all know me and my obsession with the color pink. The next pair of earings took it to the next level of expensive earings at an affordable price. When you can't buy the diamond, you buy the next best thing, and these are IT!

These earings are part of my "October favorites" because I find myself running back to them everytime! They can give any outfit that classy gorgeous look you want! Coming from someone with sensitive ears, these are super lightweight and virtually painless! Not feeling the BBW's? well she has more than those! She also sells earings with beautiful charms, necklaces and bracelets! She offers $1 shipping to anywhere in the U.S. that's an amazing deal already! Go check out her fabulous shop today!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Have sippy will Travel" Blogger Miche bag GIVEAWAY!!!

I found one of the CUTEST mommy blogs ever!! And she's having a Miche bag GIVEAWAY!! Please go check her out, ENTER her giveaways, and tell her I sent you! You wont regret it ;)


Love you guys!
XoXo PinkcoutureMamma

Monday, October 10, 2011

*Artis4Fashion* Bundle accessories Review AND giveaway!!! *OPEN*

I'm so excited you guys! I have the privilege of bringing to you yet another review from one of my FAVORITE Etsy shops. Artis4Fashion never ceases to amaze me with their beautiful masterpieces! She sent me this gorgeous set that was inspired by guess who?! Yup yours truly!!! I told her what designs I thought were fabulous so she made the very first with a beautiful grey/black pattern and glittery chiffon flowers! I couldn't believe it, I still can't stop looking at them! You can purchase your own "PinkcoutureMamma" inspired set here http://www.etsy.com/listing/83547268/clutch-bag-phone-cover-belt-set-satin

So, let me tell you a little bit about the owner Michaela. She is one of the sweetest people Ive come in contact with. If anyone knows true customer service it's her! She also has a passion for what she does that I've never seen. She can bet I'm going to keep coming back for more! Her mother taught her how to knit and sew from a young age, which sparked her creativity! At the age of 22, she left her home in Germany to England where she studied Fashion. What I wouldn't give to study fashion in England!!! lol Then her mother fell ill with cancer and she had to leave and tend to her mother's care. Again I say, she's a wonderful woman isn't she?

The set she sent me for review includes one of her new phone cases fits the iphone gen 3 and 4, and others! They are also customizable if you need a specific size she will accommodate you FREE of charge, how awesome is that?! A matching beautiful clutch, a stylish belt (just my size) 3 hair tyes and a necklace!

I couldn't believe they are even more perfect then what I pictured in my head. Then to name it after me? I am truly speechless. The woven black/grey fabric remind me of one my favorite animal prints, Zebra! It's such a unique design, and the quality of it is even more amazing in person, it even has soft fleece material worked in! The snap closure on the cell phone case is super easy, and the padding is wonderful, if you drop it the phone is well protected! The belt can turn any occasion into a fashion contest. The sparkly chiffon flowers give it the perfect look! I could not be anymore inlove with her items than I am now, Please go check her out!

The amount of love and care put into every design and item is worth a lot more than any item you would buy in the store. They are well worth the money spent! She also has her own website! www.artis4fashion.com http://artis4fashion.dawanda.com
Her items are even featured IN STORES right now! I know she's going to make it huge and I can't wait to see the turn out on "PinkcoutureMamma's" inspired designs, I know you all will love them as much as I do.

You want a chance to win one? or even TWO fabulous items from her shop? Well you're in LUCK. Michaela has offered to sponsor a giveaway for ONE lucky winner! That winner will get to choose ONE beautiful phone case (customized to fit your phone as well) AND an item of YOUR choice. Yup, I told you she is the sweetest! To win see below!
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So, If you're a purse lover like me, you're going to love this! It's the Miche bag! The name comes from a woman named Michelle, who created this lovely theory, One bag endless possibilities! You can go from Day to Night, Business to casual, Season to season in LESS than three seconds! Miche allows you to express yourself with all the different styles, sizes and colors. A handbag to a woman is definitely a part of who we are. It accompanies us every single day and it's out there for everyone to see. It's like your own personal signature in a handbag. You can earn money with Miche too! They're having an amazing deal if you sign up in the month of October! If you want to know more about their work from home opportunities please visit http://www.michebag.com/join-us
Miche bag is the new trend! Why? because it's never been so easy to be fashionable! Us women like to match our purse to that stylish outfit but who has the money to buy a new purse everyday to go with what you're wearing?! I don't! Not to mention the hassle of switching the contents of your bag to a new one! The excitement for these bags grow more and more each month, as the new designs get released! The possibilities truly are endless!
The best part about the "Classic" is you can throw in all your essentials and go! No heavy large bag to lug around on a simple day out, perfect for running errands, interviews, lunch dates, even an everyday work schedule!
For a fashionista like me I was excited to receive my bag! I received the Classic size base bag in Black, The Samantha shell and the new ever so popular Sylvia!
Everything is interchangeable! From the Shell, to the handles you can literally design your very own handbag! It can be out with the old and in with the new EVERYDAY with the Miche bag! There's also many different sizes to choose from! the Prima for the large purse girl, The classic for those simple elegant ladies out there, to the evening girl, the petite! Also their new size is just about right, the Demi just made it's appearance!
So how does the Miche bag work? It's simple!

Step #1 Grab your base bag and shell!

Step #2 Slap on one side! The shell clings right to the Earth magnets inside!

Step #3 and the other side, It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You're done! and You've got yourself one beautiful head turner!

Want to buy one? of course you do! Visit http://www.michebag.com/ TODAY!

Yay! I was given the opportunity to give everyone a chance to experience the same fun and uniqueness that I've experienced with these handbags. Miche was kind enough to send ONE lucky winner, a Classic base bag, and TWO gorgeous shells. A $140 value!!! The Jayma (giraffe print) AND of course for the pink lover I am you know I had to get you all your very own "Samantha"

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Thank you for entering and I hope you guys liked this review and giveaway!!

***I was sent these bags for review, although these are all my 100% honest opinions. Thanks for visiting my blog page!***

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hott pink and Gold Nails (Orly Nail Polish)

I decided to get "funky" and create my own nail look!
It was super easy! You want to see how I achieved this look? Keep reading!

So I put hot pink fake nails on, from the "Diva" style pack you can get at any walmart. I bought the Orly nail polish in the color "Luxe" which is the shimmery gold color you see for half of the nail. What I used to create this look was the stickers for nails to create the "perfect white tip or manicure" instead of tape. It's just the right size you need without the hassle of tape!

FIRST STEP I pressed on the hot pink fake nails.
SECOND STEP was put the sticker on the upper right side of the nail leading down to the middle and across. The curve of the sticker created just the right line for the halfway mark.
THIRD STEP I Painted the lower half (closest to the cuticle line) with the color "Luxe". I love it! It is the perfect gold tone. All I needed was two coats to get the true color to come out! Very easy.
Last but not least
I waited for the nails to dry and pulled the tape off.

Depending on how many coats you do. I would recommend waiting 15-30 mins for the nails to dry completely before removing the tape!

I was very impressed with the color "Luxe" from Orly. Reminds me of the "Roman empire" or "Cleopatra" era. Orly ranges from 5.99 at Beauty supply chains and 6.99 at your local Target. As of right now, in my area I haven't seen any Orly nail polish at walmart. It comes with a pretty good amount of color and doesn't take many coats at all to get the desired look. I will definitely be buying more.

For more "How I did this look" and "Reviews" Please comment below! Thanks for visiting my blog!

PLUS SIZE "Sexy Vamp/Witch" Wholesale Costumes!

CostumeSuperCenter has some great deals! I never even try to get a "traditional" Halloween costume, I try to come up with something on my own because I don't want to pay a lot of money for something I'm going to wear ONE night out of the year. But they have some of the lowest prices Ive seen! The quality and "realness" of the costumes is totally the BANG for your buck! They have something for the whole family! From a baby to even plus size! For the plus size specifically you can find a lot of different costumes, without the rising cost.

There were quite a few costumes to choose from in my size range which I was impressed with! Not too many options for us plus size girls! I ended up choosing from the new 2011 line, the "Adult delux hooded Dress". The material is made from nylon so it does have some stretch! I was very pleased, There's a lot of different ways you can wear this costume! The deep blood red color is just gorgeous! Perfect for that vampire look, and the black with the hood is perfect to create the "Witch" in you LOL. You can create a lot of different costumes with just this one, Make it sexy, Glamorous, fun, scary, it's your call!
I chose this fun and beautiful costume for review because it was versatile there wasn't just one costume there were many options for this look! Also, it's not as plain as a lot of costumes like this it is long enough to keep you warm if you're out for the night, also for that plus size girl like myself, you want to be comfortable! The corset part of the top gives it such a gorgeous style to it and you don't get that with a lot of costumes at an affordable price. Then it has a hood! Again creating options, not just one set character!
The only downside were the the lace up ties they seem to scrunch up more and not look so natural then what the picture showed, but it still looks great and wasn't a big deal at all. I am still 100% happy with it. I love how what you see is what you get! The costume was everything and more than what I was expecting. I was also relieved to see it had some stretch! The quality is amazing. They even offer free shipping! Also, For that last minute Halloween shopping we all find ourselves doing, anything purchased before 3pm EASTERN time gets shipped the same day! They also have some of the best customer service Ive seen in a long time, if for any reason you need to exchange, no need to pay return shipping, that is free as well!

The only thing I recommend is getting a size bigger than what you are, sizes can run small, in my case sizing was perfect! I ordered a size bigger as well. Shipping was fast, The costume is great, I can't wait to get all dressed up this year and take my daughter out trick or treating! To find your perfect "Plus size" and more adult costumes visit their website

Plus size costumes
old costumes- http://cotton.missouri.edu/InOurLives-Documentation-BathingCostumes.html

I was sent this costume to review. These are all my honest opinions. Thank you for visiting my blog!