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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shopping Haul @Shimmer & Love Culture!!!

So one of my favorite stores that I ALWAYS have to make a stop at when I'm in the local mall here is Shimmer. I also use to work there when I was younger and they had this policy you get shop there and they'd just take the money out of your checks. Well needless to say I didn't have much money when payday came! LOL but it was fun though! So here's the stuff i got, hope you like them! I also got some Jewelery from Love Culture. Both these stores are a lot like Charlotte Russe and forever 21 a few of my other mall favorites!

Gorgeous very feminine half top love it!

A couple of Summer tops (One lavender and One teal-like bluish)

And for the Half top as well ;)

Jewelery from "Love Culture"


Wai Li said...

thumbs up. you're making me want to go shopping lol

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