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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm a serious Shopaholic...

So i decided to put shopaholic in my title because simply....i am what i am lol Its something thats therapy for me and its also something...I need therapy for LOL. Im hoping by blogging about how much i actually shop, what i shop for and what  mood i am when i need say, "some retail therapy" i'll figure out why i am, what i am. I am by no means well off and i simply shouldn't be shopping. Its nobody's business but since this blog is for ME, and i really dont care what people think. I'll share with you, in hopes of helping and finding others who feel the same way i do and helping me figure out why i do what i do. So, I go shopping atleast once a week, bryan gets paid every week and when he gets paid, what do i want to do? SHOP.

Yes, I pay my bills first, YES my daughter will ALWAYS get what she needs before I do.

 But still, for me, i feel like i need to shop EVERY WEEK. Thats not a good thing, yes its what we girls love to do (most of us) BUT we shouldn't "need" to go shopping to feel good. So I am in every sense of the word a Shopaholic.Maybe through blogging i can find people to relate to and figure out what im missing in life so i could be a "healthy shopaholic" if there really is such a thing lol.

BUT i also put it in my title because its going to be fun too. I will be posting my "shopping hauls" cute buys, good deals and cheap finds! So if you love shopping like i do tune in every week to see what i buy next LOL Also, my obsession is purses, another one of my problems is i feel like i constantly need a new one (crazy i know and its why i need help) shirts too, i always feel like i need more shirts and if you've seen my closet you'de know I DON'T.


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