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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dillusional and irrational thinking....a comment from a black person/people.

First and foremost before someone goes and doesn't know how to read, and assumes im talking about all black people thinking this way I'M NOT. It clearly states i saw these comments on a video, its not even about black people its about dillusional thinking. Thank you. My daughter is half black, im not a racist, so again before you misread this, and understand from it what you want to, don't even go there.

Continuing with my rant...
So, I don't know why i do this but i watch uneducated, irrational and  dillusional people on youtube. I saw these comments on a video today that, scares me and sickens me. People actually BELIEVE and think what they are saying is FACT?
 Just so you know before you read this. BM=Black men WW=white women BW=Black women.
the media and the system is prompting interracial dating to keep their genetics going because they are not producing..and dumb niggers are producing not realizing that they are slowly but surely helping the white man and his plan...genocide comes in different forms

Thats bc of bm deception that defines anything bw do to supt themselves &their children as feminist. Ww may have pretended to include bw to use them to further their own agenda the way wm have always used bm to further their agenda w/the illuminati &as false blk leaders etc.

But ww soon learned that the bm is the master sell-out to his race &use bm to destroy their own race w/false accusations, lies about history &gender wars against bw today. Thats the only contribution such bm make.
 When the bm was down so was the bw & that the bw is down has not changed. Only that more bm r whoring themselves out to function like white racists against bw like zombies for the beast. Bw r the target of weak, subdued bm & homos who are proud to function as the wm's or ww's hound dog to destroy their own existence. Bc when bm attack bw thats exactly what they are doing. There were bm wkg against blk progress for racist whites within org like the illuminati since bef the 1900s.
Hey sister, you're right about black women being the most *reserved* women on EARTH, because like older black folks have told me, black women as a whole wouldn't even go for *oral sex* back in the day; but now that we as a people follow the European's way's, we are doing EVERYTHING (homosexuality, beastiality/animal sex, oral & anal sex, and so on) that our oppressor's are doing...
When he steals, cheats, lies, &kills she submits and accepts his behavior. & white women KNOW IT. That's why they are LIARS. The Black man's issue with Black women has NOTHING to do with "attitude" or "hair style" but the fact that he wants Black women to be what white women are - submissive, empty-headed whores who don't mind being psychically & physically manipulated. &in turn what's happening is that Black women strive to emulate white women in order to meet his equally low expectations.

You SERIOUSLY believe white people think that in depth about black people? You think we have this "hidden agenda" against black people, everyone of us? whenever we're nice to a non-white person, whenever we accept them as a equal (like god says to do) whenever we do something nice for a non-white person, Oh its not because some of us, and i do mean SOME not all are friendly. normal,think of the HUMAN race not our race? but oh we have a secret agenda to destory things non-white. I'm sorry but i don't know about ALL white people, but i wouldn't waste my life, or precious time here in this life doing and saying things to further man agenda from A BILLION years ago. Wake up people, No one has that much time on their hands to just want to destroy a human race, atleast not now not this day n age. I am white, I am a white woman, but i don't degrade myself by finding my worth in my race, its not important. I don't believe in one certain race i am for ALL races, mankind that is the only "people" i worry about, not just "white people" GET OVER YOURSELVES, honestly you think white people are full of themselves and think we're the most important...Yet YOU believe that a group of people seriously only think about you, they're only purpose in life is to destory YOU, YOU are that important that people think about you 24/7. Now who is the group sounding like are full of themselves? Seriously, i love all people, regardless of race. If you really think this way, if someone seriously thinks this way, its sad. They are their own worst enemy. Does anyone else find this way of thinking sick and ridiculous?


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