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Sunday, June 5, 2011

So I'm a "blogger" now...

Hey guys!
So I figured i would start a blog..Im rarely alone in this house, there's so many people in it, and i figured when i can't vlog i can blog to keep you guys more updated about whats going on with me and Nevaeh. Also, my internet can be shut off at various times so i thought when that happens, instead of videos i can blog. I also need some sort of "journal" and i HATE handwriting, im lazy haha so i can type so much faster and get all my feelings out on certain subjects.
BUT just to warn you, this isn't just to update for youtube this is going to be used to keep me on track with my weight loss, vent, and get out my feelings about situations that i wouldn't vlog about or can't put into words on the spot for a video 
lol That being said. 
I'm in A LOT of pain today, i was doing so good not eating out and not eating ANY fattening foods my back had stopped hurting as much and i thought maybe, just maybe, my gallbladder troubles were over? lol i thought wrong. I really wasn't doing anything different though, in my defense, i just had some steamed rice *maybe way too much soy sauce* and grilled chicken from a fast food place, i now realize i can't eat out AT ALL anymore. MAYBE subway. So im going back to cooking my own food. Back to plain grilled chicken and either fruit or a baked potatoe for my side...considering its all my body can handle right now. Nevaeh is napping, my back is hurting, that is whats going on with me.


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