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Monday, October 17, 2011

How I turned my Miche shell into a Purse w/o the Base!

So, I just LOVE my big bags, Don't we all ladies? Well my Miche prima bag is just a bit too heavy for me because my shoulders are bad. I had a bad work injury back in 2010 that keeps me from wearing heavy bags. I just LOVE my Miche bags so much, I wanted to find a simple solution for me and prima bag lovers everywhere! ;) My gorgeous Hope (silver) bag which is my favorite October shell because it's dedicated to Breast cancer survivors! The bag has famous quotes from ladies learning how to endure their cancer struggles. I'm proud to wear the bag, without the ache in my shoulder blades! If you love your Miche bag as much as I do and want a quick, and easy solution to turning the shells into purses...
Watch this!
First you purchase the carabiner rings the 1.5 size! (Two) These are going to hook on the sides of your prima shells! Like so (see picture)
Then you attach your straps of choice, Miche has endless possibilities yes even for the straps of your bag! You can make a gorgeous bag sexy in just a snap with the chain straps as pictured, or try the many other styles...Rope handles, long adjustable straps, to your shell of the day!
You're done! Another effortless way to change up your Miche bag in seconds! This can be done with a single strap, like I did, or double straps, I love the always changing, go with your mood styles and options Miche bag has! So for a loyal customer and lover of the Miche experience here's just another way to sport your sexy bag!
To purchase your own Miche, Visit http://www.michebag.com/ Today!


Leslie K. said...

I love the hope shell. So very cool! I have my fingers crossed to win your contest! Love these bags!

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