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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hott pink and Gold Nails (Orly Nail Polish)

I decided to get "funky" and create my own nail look!
It was super easy! You want to see how I achieved this look? Keep reading!

So I put hot pink fake nails on, from the "Diva" style pack you can get at any walmart. I bought the Orly nail polish in the color "Luxe" which is the shimmery gold color you see for half of the nail. What I used to create this look was the stickers for nails to create the "perfect white tip or manicure" instead of tape. It's just the right size you need without the hassle of tape!

FIRST STEP I pressed on the hot pink fake nails.
SECOND STEP was put the sticker on the upper right side of the nail leading down to the middle and across. The curve of the sticker created just the right line for the halfway mark.
THIRD STEP I Painted the lower half (closest to the cuticle line) with the color "Luxe". I love it! It is the perfect gold tone. All I needed was two coats to get the true color to come out! Very easy.
Last but not least
I waited for the nails to dry and pulled the tape off.

Depending on how many coats you do. I would recommend waiting 15-30 mins for the nails to dry completely before removing the tape!

I was very impressed with the color "Luxe" from Orly. Reminds me of the "Roman empire" or "Cleopatra" era. Orly ranges from 5.99 at Beauty supply chains and 6.99 at your local Target. As of right now, in my area I haven't seen any Orly nail polish at walmart. It comes with a pretty good amount of color and doesn't take many coats at all to get the desired look. I will definitely be buying more.

For more "How I did this look" and "Reviews" Please comment below! Thanks for visiting my blog!


Wai Li said...

I just noticed these nails here on your blog. I love them so much. I wouldn't have thought to do a design like this but it really looks funky!

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