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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How I organize my body care stuff/makeup etc.!

So I did yet again another Bath & Body works run today! I had to pick up an extra cherry vanilla body wash since they are still only $2.62 and they are almost out!! I also got the lotion, and a "Sensual amber" cream body wash and it smells AMAZING. I am seriously getting obsessed with bath and body works lol I could never spend much there before because it is pricey so the sales have me going crazy lol but hey its an investment right? ;) What girl doesn't need body wash, lotion, sprays etc. haha Plus the cherry vanilla smells sinfully dilicious!!! & It is one of my favorite scents.

I also had requests on youtube asking for how i store my body care/makeup/purses etc. So I thought i would blog about it first since i wont be doing a video til this weekend!!! Hope this helps =)

***My Bath & body works <3Body Wash<3collection***

Obsessed much??? ;)

~*~How I store my body care/makeup/jewelery etc.~*~
*Everything from=
*Bath and Body works lotions/sprays/candles etc.
*Sex and the city perfume
*Forever By Mariah carey perfume
*Self tanner
*Suave mousse and hairspray
*Ecology lotion
*Vampire Perfume (Yeah, I'm a twi-tard;)
*~*Makeup/Jewelery on the other side~*~
*The "Doll house" pink glitter makeup bag
*Coastal scents shimmer and Matte Paletts
*Hard candy makeup bag for on the go
*Jewelery stand

***I will be going through everything individually including my makeup and jewelery stash, everything will be in my video so be looking for it!***

*~*How I store my purses/Handbags~*~
*Purse organzier I got on ebay for $20

*I have more purses not included!! and there will be plenty more to come im sure LOL ;)

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