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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ross Clothing store HAUL #1

So i got amazing deals today! Everything from jessica simpson leather heels to a cute xoxo purse! Going to do an outfit of the day with all this stuff on my NEW youtube channel. PinkCoutureMamma! This is where im going to cover one of my passions in life everything fashion and glamour! So go subscribe!

Okay on to the good stuff!
Zebra Cluth/wristlet 5.99 & Haul=$54.00

Designer: XOXO Black/Grey purse $17.99
Jessica simpson Leather heels! Reduced/perfect condition $9.99
Paris/Eiffel tower shirt! $8.99
"Peace sign shirt" $3.99


Wai Li said...

Wow... would love to own some of these.

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